9 Days to a Dream

9 Days to a dream

Title : 9 Days to a dream
Release Date : October 14, 2005
Format : Digital Download



Ryan Layden, Blake Ester, and Joe Steffes loaded up the car and headed out of Kansas towards a small town Sanger, Texas to record at Indian Trails Recording studios.  It was their first road trip to record an album.  Tucked in the hills of Denton, Texas they arrived at the studio and spent the next week tracking everything for the 9 Days album.  Sleeping in a trailer maybe a couple hours their time spent together was a reflection of the title itself.  With all songs recorded instrumentally Ryan became ill and could not track his vocals and had to return home to Kansas.   Months later he drove up by himself and finished the vocals and also took time to really look into the music and lyrics that were being put to music.  Joe Steffes did the artwork for the album and used an image of a flower that had been outside the studio where they recorded.