Lost Found

Title : Lost Found
Release Date : January 4, 2016
Format : Digital Download

“Lost Found” the new EP releasing at the first of the year, is one I am excited about for many reasons. It is the first set of songs I have produced and recorded on my own. It took about 3 months to learn the basics of recording and also how to play instruments I had never touched before in my life. It was intense and exciting. ¬†A journey of thoughts and experiences of the past year, as I arrived to this very point. ¬†Releasing “Lost Found.” Special thanks to Ramy Antoun for playing drums on “Rest”….Chase Anderson from the band ShapeScenes for a bass track on “Rest” and a good buddy of mine Scott Magruder for teaming up with me on the song “Where I belong” and throwing a couple guitar riffs to go with mine.

Lost Found is a collection of 7 songs written over the year directly tied to all the changes 2015 brought. I hope one of these tunes reaches a part inside you and I am so thankful for another imprint of music in a world that is losing more and more of it by the minute.