Title : Peace
Release Date : May 30, 2014
Format : Digital Download




Peace is a single track recorded in May of 2014 shortly after the passing of Ryan’s grandfather Hershel King.  The song represents a turning point in Ryan’s life.  He had recently received investment for the live show Tangerine to debut at the George Washington Carver theater for a 3 night run.  However, when Ryan went home to be with his grandfather in the final months of his life…the investors pulled out, stating, “it was to risky.”  Ryan spent weeks by his grandfathers bed nursing him, keeping him smiling and telling him he would be all right.  He had cancer and a rare blood disease, but that wasn’t going to stop him.  The song peace became a tribute to Ryan’s grandfathers fight with a terrible disease.  The Peace Project was launched to try and raise $1,000 to bless another family who also was fighting the good fight.  Successfully at just $2 downloads Ryan was able to raise the money and bless a family.  Hoping to continue this project more the song is not just for his grandfather but everyone who fights these battles daily.  Keep fighting strong.

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