Shayla Dear

Title : Shayla Dear
Release Date : March 4, 2015
Format : Digital Download



If there ever was an album to boldly and honestly speak of the emotions of going thru a break up…this album is it.  Many will say musicians or artists are emotional and take things very serious.  This is true when describing Ryan’s thoughts on losing a girlfriend.  It’s humorous to look back at many of the dramatics but the songs on the “Shayla Dear” album are some of the most truthful works Ryan has created.  The song “Holding on” became the first music video Ryan every filmed.  With a cast and crew working for the imagery and not the profit they filmed it in just a day at a park in Austin, Tx.

The self titled track was recorded by a friend Clint Manning and was added to the remaining tracks that were recorded at JCB studios, in Manor, Tx.  A soft release of this album was in March of 2015