Title : Tangerine
Release Date : July 17, 2012
Format : Digital Download




Tangerine in the beginning was a reflection of Ryan’s experience with a very special person in his life Danielle.  It was a step by step documentation of the first time they met and also during their relationship.  After her tragic passing many difficulties faced Ryan as he made the move to Austin, Tx to begin working on his vision.  To honor her and her life.  It was Ryan’s first solo album doing everything on his own.  Recording at JBC studios in Manor, Tx.  Not knowing what this album would be once created, it took a year to finish.  No band was used to track this album in the studio.  Blake Ester from Ryan’s first band  recorded the bass tracks in Kansas and sent them to be added.  Travis wood, a well known drummer in Austin, Tx tracked drums.  Jc the studio engineer and partnering producer guided the concepts and sounds along the way.  A soft release of the album was done on Ryan’s birthday in July of 2012.  To this day it is the continuing journey to complete the full show and have it in theater’s.

More info on the live show can be found at Tangerine the live show.